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Branding is tough. It requires skills, resources and tools. Not all businesses have it. Some are struggling due to lack of skills, while others due to limited resources, and then there are others in trouble due to lack of tools.

Business leaders who have to deal with numerous challenges are good at multi-tasking. However, branding is becoming more significant and challenging in recent times.

Here are the top ten branding challenges;

  1. To treat brands as assets
  2. Have a compelling vision
  3. Create new subcategories
  4. Generate breakthrough brand building
  5. Achieve integrated marketing communications
  6. Sort out a digital strategy
  7. Build the brand internally
  8. Maintain brand relevance
  9. Create a brand-portfolio strategy yielding synergy and clarity
  10. Leverage brand assets to enable growth

Reference: David Aaker (2015). Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles that Drive Success. SAGE Publications: New Delhi